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First home we owned-Orange County, California  1957

Curtis receiving award from Admiral Williams before
retirement in  1983

Dayton, Ohio 1974

Oklahoma City  1977

Orange Park, Florida 1969

Honor Guard on Okinawa 1953 (Curtis second from  right)

Hong Kong  1954

A-7 Aircraft Program 1969

Bob Portus Family in front of our house in San Jose, California-1962
(Karen Craig in  center)

Curtis' staff, Air Force Office at Lockheed  Space Company, Sunnyvale, California during 1968.  (Agena Satellite Program)

Leaving Okinawa for  home-1954

Arlington, Texas 1968

Award presented by Irv White & crew when Curtis  left B-2 Program May 1991 & business  card.

April 1953 Redmond,  Washington

Leaving Dayton for Oklahoma  1977

On the way to see the 1998 Chickasha, Oklahoma Christmas  Lights

Moore, Oklahoma Rangers  baseball-2000

Cheerleader,Moore, Oklahoma  2000

December 1999

Kelli Ann Smith - October  2000

Curtis' 1939 Ford & 1948 Harley (when he joined Navy)

Curtis (on left) in Baja - 1951

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Dedication

 (we had fairly good seats)

Ruth, home in Oklahoma City from Norman  hospital
after 31 May 2000 heart attack & surgery

Kelli's 2001 Cheer pictures @ Moore, Oklahoma

Campsite @ Lake Bastrop, Texas where we are  hosting/caretaking during winter  2000

Kirk with "OSU Cowboy" 6 May 2001

Homecoming Queen @ Moore
Oklahoma High  School

Airplane view of our Oklahoma  property

Kelli, Karen & Mike with driver on "Sooner
Schooner" 6 May 2001 @ Bricktown Ballpark

Jo & Judi in front of Mike's Elk in living room 2004

Christmas 2000:    bottom: Brian, Mike, Karen, Kirk, Ruth standing: Kelli and  Curtis

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