Tomestone Links

 During our travels we have collected and submitted a number of tombstone, misc, and memorial photographs to the Find-A-Grave website and a few links to these photos are given below. Just click on the link and it will take you to the photograph.

 Head of Archbishop Simon of Sudbury

 Wintrop family leader

 Grave of Simon of Sudbury

 Grave of Adam Winthrop

 Author who wrote Alice in Wonderland

 Grave of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)

 Champion British race driver

 Billy the Kid's mom


 Outlaw, gunfighter & lawyer

 Texas desperado who was hung

 Alamo survivor


 Pretty Boy Floyd-gangster

 Train Robber & Wild Bunch Member

 Law West of the Pecos

 Apache Indian Chief

 Oklahoma Lawman

 Texas Hero

 Jim Bridger's daughter


 Explorer who found Dr. Livingston in Africa

 Find A Grave

 Grave of John Michael Hawthorn

 Grave of Kathrine Antrim

 Grave of James Frank Dobie

 Grave of John Wesley Hardin

 Grave of Bill Longley

 Grave of Susana Dickinson

 Grave of Elmer McCurdy

 Grave of Charles Floyd Pretty Boy

 Grave of Ben Kilpatrick

 Grave of Roy 'Judge' Bean

 Grave of Geronimo

 Grave of William 'Bill' Tilghman, Jr.

 Grave of Sam Houston

 Grave of Virginia Bridger Hahn

 Grave of Sam Bass

 Grave of Henry Morton Stanley

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