Ruth & Curtis Vacations

Blossom at Plymouth, MA  1994

Curtis and Ruth's Vacation Photos

Chimney Rock, Nebraska 1997

Duce's Palace, Venice, Italy 1996

Daisy On-the-Road in Texas 1995

Little Witchingham, Norfolk, England,  1998

Grand Canyon, Arizona  1998

Virginia City, Nevada  1976

Columbia, California 1967

Driffield, Yorkshire, England- May 1998

Ruth at GGreatGrandfather Richard Owston (1779-1863) gravesite

Marian (Ware) Baker (from England), Curtis & Ruth  at
Sam's Town Casino, Las Vegas, October  2000

Heidelberg, Germany  1996

Mike Portus & Curtis in Campbell River
B.C.,  Canada, 8 Aug 1999

Ruth, Mary Outlaw & Jack Outlaw in Yuma, Arizona,  March 1998

Hawaii 1978

Empress Hotel, Victoria B.C., Canada 1953

Mexico City 1969

On lake in Colorado, August  1991

Mount St. Helens, Washington 1999

Mount Rushmore 1984

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 1984

Geoff (Marian's husband), Curtis & Ruth @ Grand  Canyon,
31 October 2000

Ruth & Curtis @ Qualicum Bay, Canada 1984

Florida Keys

Florida Keys during  1973

Ruth, Isle of Skye, Scotland, June 1990

Ruth in Paris, France  1990

Stonehenge 1972

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[Craig Family Tree] [Ancesters] [Vacation] [Brian's Pictures] [Family, marriage] [Tomestone links]