Gillett Family

Little is known about the Gillett family other than  they were French Huguenots who fled France during about the 17th century to escape religious pursecution. They settled in the Hessle Road section of Hull, East Yorkshire where they operated haberdasheries. One brother was an alderman and "Gillett Street" near the docks in Hull was named to honor him. Richard Gillett, born probably in East Yorkshire, England, had five children. The name of his wife is unknown  but her given name was probably Anne.
Their children were: Anne Gillett (b. about 1867 - d. about 1927); Delila Gillett;  Gertrude Gillett; Beatrice Gillett (b. about 1880 - d. 5 Jan  1953 in Hull); Thomas Gillett. Little is
known of the children except Anne and Beatrice.

Anne Gillett married Robert Portus about 1885 in probably  Hull, East Yorkshire, England. See the Portus page for  information on this family.

Beatrice Gillett married Arthur Pearson Smith and they had Arthur Kenneth Smith (b. 28 Oct 1911 in Hull) and Marjorie Downs Smith (13 Sep 1905 - 20 Oct 1989).
Beatrice's family  objected to the marriage and, as a result, relations between  parents and siblings were strained.

Beatrice Gillett

Ken  Smith

Arthur Smith

Marjorie Smith

Maggie (Portus) Wigren, Ruth (Portus) Craig  & Ken Smith in
Dover, England 1990

Anne Gillett

Anne Gillett in later  years

Robert Portus

Stephanie, Ruth and Ken during June 1990 in  Dover,  England

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