Cobb Family

John H. Cobb was born about 1750 in North Carolina and died during Nov 1809. he was the son of Henry Cobb (1700 - 1763) and Mary Hardy (1710 - ?). He married Sarah Capehart, the daughter of Michael Capehart and Frances Hardy. John and Sarah's children were Mourning Cobb, Frances Cobb (1796 - ?); John Hardy Cobb (1798 - 1880). 

 Mourning Cobb was born about 1792 in North Carolina to John H. Cobb and Sarah Capehart Cobb (?-1818). She married David Edward Outlaw about 1820 in North Carolina. Their children were:

 Edwin R. Outlaw (b. 22 May 1821 in Bertie County, North Carolina - d. 20 Feb 1879 Navarro County, TX).

 Anne Rebecca Outlaw (b. 1827 in Bertie County, North Carolina - d. 1862 Haywood County, TN).

 Lewis Bolivar Outlaw (b. 26 Sep 1829 in Bertie County, North Carolina - d. 5 Oct 1907 Navarro County, TX).

 David Ed. Outlaw (b. Nov 1834 in Haywood County, TN - d. 16 Apr 1918 Austin, Travis County, TX). David is buried in the Confederate Section
of the State Cemetery in Austin.

 Mourning Cobb Outlaw died near Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee during 1818. It is understood her body was transported back to
North Carolina by her husband for burial.

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