Portus Family

Thomas Portus I was a  Collier in England. He married  Mary Mandlefs and had one known child: Thomas  Portus.  Thomas Portus was born 22 Aug 1840 in Tynemouth, Farsdon, Northumberland, England and probably died in Durham County,  England. He was  enployed as an Engineman at  the
chemical works and resided near Cramer Dykes,  Gateshead. Thomas married Mary Ray (born 1824 at Berwick-upon-Tweed - died at unknown location during 1861).  Thomas and Mary had the following children: John  Ray Portus; Robert Portus; Thomas Johnson Portus; William Portus;  Margaret  Portus;
and Mary Portus.

Robert Portus was born 26  Mar 1861 in Gateshead,  Durham, England and died during 1925 in Lincolnshire and  buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Ulceby, Lincolnshire,  England. He married Anne Gillett about 1885 in East Yorkshire,  England. Anne Gillett
was born about 1867  in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England and died about 1927 in Lincolnshire, England. They had the following children: Robert Reginald Portus; Kathleen Portus; Grace Portus; Capt. George Alfred Portus; Margaret Anne Louise Portus; William
Gillett  Portus; Capt.  Thomas Oliver Portus; and Edith Norah  Portus.

Robert Reginald Portus was born Sept 1887 in Sculcoates, Lincolnshire, England and died 26 Jun 1962 in  Ulceby, Lincolnshire, England. He married Annie W. Rowe about 1911 in  Gateshead,  Durham, England. They had one child, Robert  William Portus.
Anne died about  1926.

Kathleen Portus was born 30 Nov (?) in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, England and died 10 Nov 1975 in  Nottingham,  England. She was married to Ronald Everard and they had the following children: Grace Everard and Bernard  Everard.

Grace Portus was born 20 Jul 1889 in Lincolnshire and died during 1959 in Devon. She married Rev. Earnest Merryweather 15 Jun 1914 in Montreal, Canada. They had the following children: Evelyn Joyce Merryweather; Beryl Constrance Merryweather;
Henry Reginald Merryweather; and John  Patrick  Merryweather.

Capt George Alfred Portus was  born 11 Dec 1891 in Hessle, Hull, East Yorkshire. George first came to the United  States arriving at Ellis  Island from Liverpool on the  ship Lusitania 4 October 1912. Hewas living in Riverside  County, California during 1918 and
1924 in Los Angeles with his first wife  Blanche. He died 28 Nov 1965 in  Escondido, San  Diego County, California. He was married  twice but had no children.

Margaret Anne Louise Portus was born 1893 in Ulceby, Lincolnshire and died 26 Nov 1934 in Ulceby. She married Carl  Hollowday during 1923 in Glenford, England and they had Vivian  (Bob) Hollowday born in Ulceby, who  earned the George Cross during
World War II in England and died 15 Apr  1977.

William Gillett Portus was born 30 Oct 1894 in Stallangborough, Lincolnshire and died 31 Dec 1954 in  Los  Angeles, California. He married Harriet Owston 3 Feb 1923 in San Bernardino,  California. Their three children were: Marguerite May Portus, Robert
Alan Owston Portus; and  Ruth Marianne Portus. All the children were born in Los Angeles County, California. Following his wife Harriet's death, in 1939 of leukemia, he married Emily Dorthea Werchan during Nov 1945 in Los Angeles. Their  children  were
Michael Ernest Portus; Patricia Grace Portus; and  Kathy Portus.  Emily Werchan was born 2 Nov 1907 in Bastrop County, Texas and died 8 Sep 1970  in Oregon City, Clackamas County, Oregon.

Capt Thomas Oliver Portus was born 9 Dec 1897 in Stallangborough, Lincolnshire and died during 1954 in Devon, England. He married May Hodder during 1920 and they had  William Hodder  Oliver Portus.

Edith Norah Portus was born 5 May 1903 in Barton,  Lincolnshire and died in Ulceby, England. She was married to  Gladstone Sharman on 9 Jun 1930 in Ulceby. Their children were  Ewart  William Henry Sharmanand Malcolm Douglas Sharman.

Margaret Portus Hollowday's son Vivian's valor
citation for his George Cross  during World War II

Vivian "Bimp" Holloday

Capt. George Portus & comrades during World War  I

Robert Portus

Anne Gillett Portus

Reginald Portus and his  truck


Robert R.







Robert and Anne (Gillett) Portus in Ulceby,  England

Rev Merryweather

Grace Portus


Edward Reed


William Ware


Bill Portus - Harriet Owston Wedding in  California

Marian Ware

Robert Portus Family in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, England about  1907 (Edith Nora Portus not yet born)

Marian Ware Baker & granddaughter Aimee  Johnson,
September 2000

Joyce Merryweather & actress Lee Merriwether (photo taken by Joyce's  husband Cyril in Hurstpierpoint, England during September 2000).

Bill Portus-Emma Werchan Wedding in Los Angeles

Bill and Emma with Patsy, Mike & Kathy: Christmas 1951 in Kirkland, Washington

Sunday Morning 1954 Inglewood, California

A few Grace (Portus) Merryweather descendants, September 2000 in England

Bill Portus the clown-July 1954 in Inglewood, California

Maggie, Jo, Bill and Bob 1954 (Last group  photo)

Pico Heights Church Youth Group about 1940 in Los Angeles, California

Maggie & Ruth (aka Jo) at father William Portus' gravesite
in Inglewood,  California

Harriet (Owston)Portus, Bill Portus,                              top row Ruth Portus & Mrs Lebrun,                         center   Maggie Portus, Ralph Lebrun and Bob Portus, bottom1932 in Los Angeles, California

Maggie (Portus) Wigren, Ruth (Portus) Craig, Patrick
Merryweather & Brian Craig at Niagara Falls, Canada during 1975

Mike Portus & Alaska salmon caught during 2000

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