Eliza Mitchell Family

Very little is known about our ancestor Eliza Mitchell prior to her arrival in central Texas during 1850. She evidently was born
about 1832 in South Carolina according to the 1850 U.S. Census of Bastrop County, Texas. Eliza married Joseph Anderson
Tyler, the son of Moses Tyler and his second wife Elizabeth McCloud, 27 Feb 1850 in Copiah County, Mississippi at age 18. J.
Anderson Tyler and Eliza had 11 children in central Texas. These children were:

 George W. Tyler (abt 1854 - bef 1891)

 Sarah Elizabeth Tyler (16 Nov 1855 - 22 Apr 1928)

 William Lafayette Tyler (27 Dec 1859 - 8 Jul 1926)

 James M. Tyler (abt 1860 - abt 1860)

 Mary (Mollie) A. Tyler (Jun 1861 - bef 1910)

 Joanna Tyler (26 Mar 1863 - 7 Jul 1926)

 Samuel Tyler (26 Apr 1865 - 3 Dec 1919)

 Anderson Tyler (abt 1868 - bef 1890)

 John Henry Tyler 27 Oct 1869 - 29 Feb 1932)

 Ann E. Tyler (Sep 1873 - ??)

 Andrew Lee Tyler (27 Nov 1875 - 23 Feb 1956)


 Eliza died prior to 1891 because surviving heirs began arrangements to sell the property in Lee County, Texas that year. It is
believed she is buried in the Lower Knobbs Cemetery, but there is no grave marker or record of her burial. There are six Tyler
graves in a row that are unmarked in this cemetery and their farm property was adjacent to the Knobbs Church and its

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