Thomas Craig Family

Thomas Craig was born about 1827 in either PA or OH. He married  Lydia Ann Porter 18 Apr 1858 in Indiana. Their children were Debra  Magdalene Craig (27 May 1859 - 30 Jul
1859), William Brackenridge  Craig (1 Sep 1860 - about 1902), Mary Jane Alice Craig (5 Jun 1863 -  3 Jan 1929), and Charles Bernard Craig (23 Mar 1866 - 27 Jun  1935).

 It is believed Thomas Craig died in Indiana because he died shortly before the birth of his youngest son who was born in Indiana. He is last shown on census records in Clinton
County,  IN, Madison Township. Lydia Ann appears on the 1880 census of Travis  County, TX as a widow with her children.

 William B. Craig married Emily Dove; Mary Alice Craig married Benjamin F. Catchings; and Charles Bernard Craig married  Sarah Elizabeth Tyler (widow of Henry Thames). All
these  marriages took place in central Texas.

William  B.

Emily  (Dove)

William  Albert

Rachel (Moses)


Thomas Craig

Mary Alice

Lydia  (Porter)

Ben  Catchings

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Jullie (Smith)

Lee  Roy

Nellie (Carlile)

Charles  B.

Sarah  (Tyler)

Craig Boys in Elgin, Texas 1947-J.C., Curtis  &   Henry

Curtis' school picture-
Elgin, Texas

Lee Roy & Nellie about 1951

This family is unidentified. Photo was taken by an Indianapolis, Indiana photographer
about 1882. If anyone can identify any of  the people in the group  it would be most

Mervan Wayne "Scooter" Craig & his wife Mary at
their home in Abilene, Texas, March  2001

Marsell & Connie, 2 June 2001, Round Rock, Texas

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