House Family

Laban House was born about 1821 in Brunswick County, Virginia to Hartwell House and Nancy Harrison. He  marriedElizabeth Barnes 11 Dec 1841 in Brunswick County and  from this union had  Henriettta Virginia House (5 Jul 1844 - 30 Sep 1895); Harrison Hartwell House (6 Jul 1845 - 23 Feb 1918); Catherine S. House (1847 - ?); Henry Clay House (1854 - 1891); Dora House (died as child);
Louis House  (died as child). Laban's wife Elizabeth died about 1854 in  Bastrop County, Texas. He married Nancy Ann Caroline Black 25  Sep 1856 in Bastrop County. Nancy was born 3 Jun 1836 in
Tennessee. Laban and Nancy had the following children: Sarah Ann Elizabeth House (19 Dec 1858 - 9 May 1942); Mary Ella House (22 Feb 1862 - 3 May 1951); William David House (23 May 1863 - 21 Sep
1950); Laura Ida Belle House (16 Jul 1867  - 2 Dec 1933); Alice Adelia House (23 Jan 1869 - 28 Nov 1946).

 Laban House died 17 Apr 1870 in Bastrop County, Texas and is believed to be buried in the Mt. Bethel Cemetery.


Henry Clay House married Mary Jane Scott; Henrietta  Virginia House (born in Talladega County, AL) marriedLewis  Bolaver Outlaw 29 Nov 1860 in Bastrop County, Texas; Harrison  Hartwell House married Leah M. Osborn 13 Nov 1873 in Bastrop  County; Catherine S. House married David E. Lee; Sarah AnnElizabeth House married John Henry Outlaw 2 Dec 1885 in Elgin, Bastrop County, Texas. Mary Ella House married Willis Patrick Culp13 Nov 1887 in Bastrop County, Texas; William  David House married Rosa Lee Sowell 16 Dec 1885 in Bastrop County; Laura Ida Belle House married William Andrew Fleming 2  Dec 1885; Alice Adelia House married Robert Lee McFarlin 6 Nov  1889 in Bastrop County, Texas.

 Sarah House and John Outlawhad the following  children: Velma Ella Outlaw (29 Dec 1887 - 3 Jan 1915); Earl  Oscar Outlaw (23 Feb 1891 - 18 Oct 1972); Effie Maude Outlaw  (5 Feb 1894 - 23 May 1983);
Alma Gertrude Outlaw (24 Feb 1896 - 31 Oct 1956); Mamie Outlaw (7 Feb 1899 - 23 Oct 1918).


Laban  House



Nancy  Black

Laura  Ida

Some of Laban's children with his first wife,  Elizabeth Barnes, are shown below


Henry  Clay




William D. House Family

Front row: Will House, Rosa (Sowell) House,  & Preston House

 Back row: Hallie House, Fannie House, and Ella  House

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 Bastrop County, Texas genealogy website for additional information on this family

Most photographs courtesy of Richard Hinkle, the late  W.D. House, Winnie
(McFarlin) Hutsell, & Jonathon Fleming

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