Kame Miyahara was born in Japan (probably the Yokohama area) 2 Mar 1875 to parents from families Miyahara and Yamaki (according to family stories). Kame was christened Edith and raised in Japan by  Christian Missionaries named Churchhouse. She married Alan Owston,  an English businessman in Yokohama, about 1893. Children of this  marriage were all born in Yokohama: May Owston (3 Dec 1893 - 2 Nov  1986 Victoria, B.C., Canada); Minnie Owston (30 Aug 1896 - 19 Dec  1983 Victoria, B.C.); Harriet Owston (27 Jul 1900 - 24 Aug 1939 Los Angeles, CA); Francis Alan Owston (6
May 1904 - 13 Jan 1994 Vancouver, B.C.); Alan Merry Owston (5 Feb 1907 - 9 Jan 1937 Elk Bay, B.C.); Dorothy Amaryllis Owston (26 Feb 1910 - 9 Jan 1997 Comox, B.C.); Jonathon Merry Owston (17 Oct 1911 - 6 Sep 1979 Powell River, B.C.); infant son (5 Nov 1913 - 9 Nov 1913  Yokohama).

 Her husband Alan died of lung cancer in Yokohama during 1915. Kame moved with her children to British Columbia, Canada,  landing at Victoria 12 May 1922. She died in Vancouver 12 Oct 1923  and is buried beside her son Alan Merry Owston (who had been killed  in a logging accident on Vancouver Island) in the Mountain View Cemetery.

 The only child of Kame and Alan who had children was  Harriet. She married William Gillett Portus (an Englandman working  in California) 3 Feb 1923 in San Bernardino, California. Harriet  died of leukemia during 1939 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery,  Glendale, California. Harriet and William had three children (all born in Los Angeles): Marguerite May Portus, Robert Alan Owston Portus and Ruth Marianne Portus.

Kame Miyahara

Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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